Dr. med. Kasra Taymoorian

Potential Candidates for Focal Therapy in Prostate Cancer in the Era of Magnetic Resonance Imaging–targeted Biopsy: A Large Multicenter Cohort StudyJost von Hardenberg a, *,y , Angelika Borkowetz b,y , Fabian Siegel a,c , Kira Kornienko d , Niklas Westhoff a , Tobias B. Jordan e , Manuela Hoffmann f , Martin Drerup g , Verena Lieb h , Kasra Taymoorian i , Martin Schostak j , Roman Ganzer k , Thomas Höfner l , Hannes Cash d,y , Johannes Bruendl e,y GESRU Academics Prostate Cancer Group in cooperation with the Working Group of Focal and Microtherapy of the German Society of Urology (DGU)
European Urology Focus 7(2021)1002-1010

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Diagnostic significance of multiparametric MRI combined with US-fusion guided biopsy of the prostate in patients with increased PSA levels and negative standard biopsy results to detect significant prostate cancer – Correlation with the Gleason score. Korrelation mit dem Gleason Score].
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Dr. med. Kasra Taymoorian

Multimodal fusion imaging ensemble for targeted sentinel lymph node management: initial results of an innovative promising approach for anatomically difficult lymphatic drainage in different tumour entities.
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